Our jewelry is the fruit of attentive and passionate work guided by precise values and an enthusiasm that is all Italian.
Our heart is in Tuscany, near Florence, where designers and artisans bring their skills and the latest technology together to create something unique.
Our jewelry lines reunite the valued tradition of classic materials like 18k gold and 925 silver with innovative materials and design
The stainless steel that characterizes many of our proposals is rust-proof and hypoallergenic. Its shine easily exalts other materials like precious and semi-precious gems and diamonds.
Creativity, prized raw materials, controlled production processes and reliable post-sales service are just a few of our strong points surrounding a quality product the respects the highest standards in the sector.
This is also because, at the foundation of our success, there is a fundamental value of Italian culture: family. The ties, the commitment to common goals and the love of creating exciting jewelry are the lifeblood of our products; a unique patrimony that best interprets emotions like joy, love and passion for life and for beautiful things.


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