My Silver
"MySilver" is the trade name of a chain of silver jewelry stores. There we from Tokash Ltd. sell the jewelry we make in our studio in Plovdiv.

Do you want us to make jewelry of your choice?
Do you want us to make a ring from your locket, or a bracelet from your earrings?
Do you want us to put a stone on our jewelry of your choice?
Do you want us to recover your damaged or lost jewelry?
Do you want to have a set of jewelry in a distinctive style?
Do you need two, three or more identical jewelry?
Do you want to combine tradition and modernity in a unique one?
These and many other questions will be answered by our consultants on site.
The jewelry in our stores is made entirely by us - from drawing, through design, experimental series, to polishing. This allows us to provide you with services that others cannot.

Tokash Ltd. has been producing and selling silver jewelry since 1991. During this time we learned that the most important thing is what you need to express yourself, through jewelry or accessories. It remains a challenge for us to do it for you.
Come to us and ask for your personalized jelwrely.
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