Easy Pay

 EASYPAY Plc is a licensed operator of the service "payment remittance services." It allows execution of monetary payments and transfers to anywhere in the country in real time, the company is supervised by the Commission for Communications Regulation and the Bulgarian National Bank.
The company is part of Datamax System Holding Corp., which has twelve years experience in the banking software and development of payment systems and is a recognized leader in the field internationally.
Our services are:
    * Depositing and withdrawing cash and receipt in any office EasyPay
 This service is equivalent to the classical postal order, as has the following advantages: it is operated in an automated Web-based centralized system that allows transfers to be performed in real time without any risk of error and no restrictions on where you can to receive or pay money. Thus transferred money will be given 5 minutes after their introduction, wherever they are the importer and the consignee.

In addition, payment may be initiated not only stop but also from all over the Internet with a bank card, credit card from Bulgaria and abroad, etc.

E not important that the price for service is 17% lower than the current market.
  * Payment of utility bills / fees without Importer /
Upon payment of utility bills (electricity, water, heating, Internet, GSM, etc.) enables customers to pay through the centralized system EasyPay account of each of his office, working with the system, regardless of its location. For actual payment registration is required by the client.

    * Micro account - payments on the Internet

Microaccount a payment instrument that detects and supported by EasyPay, by site ePay.bg. EasyPay is a licensed payment institutions under the Payment Services and Payment Systems.
  * Payment of taxes, fees, commissions, rents, transfer to a bank account, etc..
The service allows you to make payments to various persons / organizations in an office, working with the system regardless of the location of the customer and the recipient for this purpose it is only necessary to specify information about the importer and the consignee.

The system allows for and transfer to a bank account in the country.

This service also enables customers to pay cash at any bank counter in favor of pre-registered trader in the system. Provided by our technology recipient automatically receives money under the previously announced its bank account, and any additional information that is defined in the registration of the recipient and the system completed by the employee in the office for registration payment. Advantage of the service is that in the case to the recipient enters information that facilitates the automatic identification and processing payments.

    * A single credit card

Virtual Card is a prepaid credit card with the logo of VISA, which you can shop freely in the global network of all sites bearing the logo of VISA.

The virtual card number only and no physical media. With this card you will rely on the security and protection of your online payments. At your option charge card only with the necessary amount before each shopping and receive SMS on your mobile phone for each payment.

Get your card online application for the Internet. In order to EasyPay office or branch of CCB first part of the card number to get right, the rest and security code via SMS to your mobile phone. Thus, the map data are separated and only you will have full information about it.

Power card with any amount you like from 20 to 2000 levs You can load your card before each purchase. Thus further protect yourself card.

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