English Home

"English Home" is a leader in the area of luxury domestic textiles and home accessories.

The company was founded in 2008 and the headquarter is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Currently, we have over 180 stores in Turkey, Ukraine, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Albania, Iraq and of course Bulgaria.

All our shops are in top locations and they can be distinguished by a sophisticated interior and wonderful arrangement.

The concept is inspired by British "Country" style, a combination of pastel colors and delicate floral motifs typical for the oriental culture.

Our models are divided into three main lines:

- Wedding products and accessories; - elegant luxury line ; - everyday line suitable for any home;

We propose a solution for every client who wants to transform his home into a cozy, stylish and comfort one, due to the large variety of products and accessories characterized by their high quality and affordable prices.

What set us apart from the rest is the combination of classical look, delicate color combinations, high quality materials and exceptional customer service.

Our mission:

To make the world a more beautiful place with our products in order that customers can feel at home even when they are not!

Our motto:

Our home is your home! Welcome home!

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