Desizo Monni&Monni

In 1991, Magdalen Dimitrov establishes the brand MONI MSD, in response to the demand for contemporary men’s and women’s fashion, corresponding to the newest fashion trends. Ten years later, he found the company DIMITROV and focuses on producing garments for many western fashion brands.  The high qualities of the materials from which Desizo Monni’s products are creative are also crucial. These are exclusive fabrics from world famous manufacturers in Italy – as the canvas – specifically designed for the brand. The factories the Dimitrov company works with are among the oldest in Italy. We present some of them. Following the course of its development, Desizo Monni logically reached its Exclusive line, where we unleash our imagination and reach the most complex designs in men's suits, jackets, coats and shoes. Collection created for an exclusive, special, first-class and unique man. To show exactly how limited our clothes are, we have created an EXCLUSIVE NUMBER, which you will find on the back of every garment you buy, and your unique number is specially made on embroidery from this specific model from several manufactured pieces. This way the client feel itself unique, emphasizing its unique number. 

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