Zi Home

For the first time the Bulgarian market welcomes one of the most popular brands, a symbol of impeccable quality, diversity and style in the arrangement of the home, the Turkish brand "KARACA Home". The only representative of the brand for Bulgaria ,, Zi home”, specialized for many years in trade, known to its customers for a high level of service, product quality and friendly attitude through the trust that the company has built thanks to its loyal customers.

We at ,,Zi home”. know that our customers deserve not just good quality, but style, harmony and that is why we chose to give them the products of KARACA Home, well recognized on the Turkish market. Dozens of stores in major cities and metropolises offer a wide range of goods that turn every home into a cozy place. High-quality porcelain sets, with original design, bed linen with patterns, bringing a feeling of sleep in the clouds and the aroma of a fragrant forest, accessories that would turn the home into a work of art, and the hosts into classy interior designers. These are just some of the products that every family will want to spend more time at home, tempted by the convenience, comfort and style that we guarantee.

 From now on the products of KARACA Home will enchant their first consumers in Bulgaria. Varna residents and guests will be able to see live the huge scale of variety of materials, colors and designs in our first physical store. Home of the brand KARACA Home will be GRAND MALL Varna,

 level -1.

A revolution in home goods is coming, dressed in style and guaranteeing quality at the highest level.

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