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The concept of the adidas store is identical with the flagship brand stores around the world with corners dedicated to each of the main lines - Originals, Football, Running, and Training.The idea of movement is implemented in each of them. They are inspired by the best athletes, football players, artists and musicians. The store interior and the design elements of the Home Court bring the emotions, excitement, pride, passion and energy – from the track field, stadium or court. Behind each product, presented in the store is the ambition to win. For adidas this means innovation, new technologies and possibility customers to personally feel the inspiration and purpose of every shown product.

On every language adidas can be translated with a single word – sport. A brand, inspired by the match day, the trill of the game,the excitement of the fans. By the real sportiness. adidas literally brings the sport closer to us and us to the sport.  
adidas is classic, but at the same time is a symbol of the constantly evolving modern life. Following its ideals, everywhere it shows, adidas is all in. The sport ambition is creating miracles every single day. Seeing the logo with the tree stripes, all our senses associate it with adrenaline – remembering at least one moment, known from sport, the victory and effort it costed.