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Stores - Shoes and bags
for a first time in Varna
10.00 - 22.00
floor 1

Camper is the result of a dream, of a family tradition that has been making shoes for over 126 years. Its origins can be traced back to Antonio Fluxà who established the first advanced shoe factory on the Spanish island of Mallorca in 1877.


Since 1981, Camper has opened 80 stores all over the world (20 of them in Spain).  People strolling through cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Milan, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, London, New York, San Francisco, Boston, Taipei, Sydney, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapoure, Johannesbourg, Athens, Tel Aviv, Mexico DF, etc. now Varna can enjoy a unique Camper space, where time passes more slowly and one breathes a Mediterranean air.

The concept of the self-service shoe store that showed all of the models and sizes available was totally revolutionary, but the new Camper stores were not only that, they were: conceptual showcases, posters that decorated the space with irony, different boxes, bags with messages, their very arrangement of shoes by sizes and sexes... everything confirmed that the brand was able to dialogue with its consumer, and that the consumer understood it.

Every Camper store is different. All of them are a reflection of the Mediterranean spirit, of its ambiguity between culture and austerity, its tranquillity, dynamism, optimism, light, nature, imagination, tradition… but upon entering, you don't see Majorca, you only breathe it.

In Mallorca Camper means peasant, literally a “country person” in Catalan, and that’s not by chance. Camper shoes are created by people who live as one with their environment, the rural countryside, but who design thinking of the end users of the shoes, who mainly live in urban areas. Camper is a brand inspired by the history, culture and landscape of the Mediterranean, providing a touch of irony and fun to its designs.

Camper continues the successful collaboration with the famous designers Bernard Willhelm., François Dumas , Romain Kremer , Rachel Comey under To&gether line.