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Grand Mall with award
Grand Mall won the statuette "Gold plumb" for 2010 awarded to Comfort Ltd. for the project in the category of commercial building in Varna.
Over 17 new brands entering Grand Mall
Oysho and LC Waikiki among the fashion brands first step in Varna
Grand Mall officially opened the dining and entertainment
Grand Mall will officially celebrate the opening of the dining and entertainment on the second floor of a three-day program.
Extreme celebration of June 1st for the brave in Grand Mall
On June 1st extreme obstacles and lots of fun awaited the visitors at Grand Mall . Mountaineering in the Mall, rope ladder to the sky, 30 m of rope trolley and Tarzan-like jumping from rope to rope is only a part from the attractions. The mood of the brave reached the limit in the last challenge – bungee in the Mall.
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