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For the first time in Bulgaria museum will be located in a mall

Grand Mall, the largest shopping center in Varna, will accept in their spaces the unique for Bulgaria "Retro Museum" created by businessman Tsvetan Atanasov. The museum will include exhibits from the period 1945-1989, the memories that will touch all who lived in the time of socialism.

Thousands of artifacts from different areas of public life, technology and lifestyle will make visitors to remember with a smile their childhood. A born after 1989 will be able to see the original symbols of socialism for which only heard stories of parents and grandparents.

Museum exhibition will be located on nearly 4000 square meters in the mall. In the collection there are more than 50 cars from the era of the brands "Volga", "Moskvich", "Skoda", "Trabant", etc. Near them will be exposed also the popular bikes "Simson" and "Balkan". A star in the Retro Motor Museum will be the classic "Chaika GAZ-13" limo on which ride the members of the Politburo of the Communist Party. The owner of the museum Tsvetan Atanasov promises to 2-3 years to double the number of the cars, because they are his great passion.

Emblematic figures of socialism also can be seen in the museum in wax option - Todor Zhivkov, Leonid Brezhnev, Fidel Castro and all other leaders will be there. And to the delight of lovers of culture will be exposed also the figures of the favorites from the big screen and stage of several generations of Bulgarians - Emil Dimitrov, Partsalev, Kaloyanchev, Todor Kolev, Nevena Kokanova.

"I chose to position the Retro Museum in Grand Mall, because it is the best place in Varna, where most people can see my collection - said Tsvetan Atanasov. - I am a local person and I long for the city, so for me it is important that the museum would be in my city. I myself have great memories of that time, I am 44 years old, but I remember the calmly exciting childhood in which I lived happily."

Retro museum is expected to officially open its doors in the spring.

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