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KENSOL is a brand for design, manufacturing and sale of women's clothing and accessories. The company was established in 1991 and has grown rapidly and successfully in establishing its brand.

Presently the company employs over 220 employees, 190 of whom are in the production facility based in Ruse, Bulgaria. The team consists of young enthusiastic people, 90% of whom are women.

The production facility has a total area of ​​3500 m2 and consists of design and research, production and control, logistics, administration, accounting, IT system departments, etc.

KENSOL has 36 stores in Bulgaria, Romania, the Ukraine, and Macedonia, and a major part of them are operated by franchisees.

Thanks to our master franchisor in Moscow our collections are accessible in boutiques in over 18 cities in Russia. Since 2011 KENSOL enjoys success Austria, where the brand has its own showroom.

The brand name is made up by two separate words "KEN" and "SOL", originating from ancient German. "KEN" is a word that means "can" and "know". It also stands for the power of analyses, of significant progress, deliberate growth and development. In other words "KEN" stands for the ability to create.

"SOL" means impossible possibility. This word was also used for "power", similar to the sun's power and "goal" – the goal of one's soul, of hope and ultimate outcomes.

With a name we can shortly summarize as "power of knowledge", and inspiration drawn from the latest fashion trends,KENSOL creates comfortable and elegant patterns in limited series, made of highly technological materials. Our goal is not the mass market, but limited high quality editions. There is a lot of manual work and precision in each piece of clothing. Our goal is to keep working in this way in order to keep the prestige and image of KENSOL.


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